Know your true Self and you will know the mystery of the universe.




The mission of the Wakeful Living Center is to support the recognition and embodiment of the inner peace that is always here—the peace that remains untouched by pain or conflict.

Wakeful Living is for you if:
  • you long for inner peace
  • you've had glimpses of your true nature and then felt you lost it
  • you feel depressed or anxious and want a way out of suffering
  • you want to stop struggling and striving
  • you long for more connection in your relationships
  • you want to get at the root of addictive or compulsive behaviors
  • you long to come home to the wholeness of your true nature
What you may discover:
  • the unnecessary nature of suffering
  • the freedom of allowing thoughts, emotions and sensations to flow through you
  • how to relax habitual patterns that appear to obscure your true nature
  • the joy of honoring the peace of beingness
  • acceptance and compassion for yourself and others
  • appreciation even for the parts of yourself you dislike the most
  • wonder and awe at the mystery of beingness

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